Be it bus fare collection, mobile ticket authentication, or delivery of a video loop to a digital out-of-home audience (DOOH), Tezo Systems can provide a solution in an efficient manner.

Tezo Systems is the innovator of "Smarter Show 'N Go" technology that can be used for bus fare collection. This is an idea that is superior to the current "smart" technology. Through the "Smarter Show 'N Go" technology the transit provider can have immediate delivery of the product with a web-based solution, which provides better security by attaching the "Smarter Show 'N Go" technology code to an image that represents the holder. This is a green solution as the product is digitally based. Efficient accounting provides real time data that can include GPS tags.

Tezo Systems provides programming courses in partnership with Village Christian Schools. These courses are designed to take a person with no coding experience to be able to build websites and applications from scratch. The minium grade level required in order to enroll in these class is seventh grade and older.